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PV Crystalox Solar is committed to systematically enhancing its leadership by focusing on developing strong relationships with solar cell producers. It is our intention to remain one of the PV industry leaders and to supply the highest quality wafers.

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Experts in multicrystalline silicon wafers

PV Crystalox Solar continues to contribute to making solar power cost competitive with conventional hydrocarbon power generation and, as such, continues to seek to drive down the cost of production whilst increasing solar cell efficiency.

We are the only remaining pure-play wafer manufacturer in Europe and are able to take advantage of any EU-specific manufacturing incentives. The Group exports the vast majority of its wafers to customers around the world.

Our three-stage production process:

Delivering to customers worldwide

PV Crystalox Solar supplies multicrystalline silicon wafers to PV companies mainly from Crystalox Limited or directly from its wafering facility in Germany.

We collaborate closely with customers to ensure standards are maintained and that any technological developments are passed on quickly.

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