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about us

PV Crystalox Solar is a long established supplier to the global PV industry now also providing slicing services for the high technology ceramics and optics industries in Germany.

The Group’s exit from PV manufacturing was finally completed with the termination of multicrystalline silicon wafer production in Germany during H1 2018 in accord with the announcement in the 2017 Annual Report. While it had been hoped that a buyer could be found who would be willing to develop the operation, the deteriorating PV market conditions made this impossible. Instead major restructuring was necessary which, following discussion with the workers council, regrettably led to extensive job losses in May 2018. Following restructuring, there are currently around 20 employees and the operational capabilities are being downsized accordingly. The lease on the production facilities has been terminated and advanced discussions with the landlord are underway with the aim of vacating one of the two production buildings at the end of 2019 and consolidating operations into the other building. Some silicon wafering capabilities are being retained and limited contract wafering is periodically carried out for a PV customer in Germany. The funded PV related research and development activities which provided income in excess of €0.5 million in 2018 are continuing.

The primary focus is now on the transformation of the business by applying our wire sawing expertise to the cutting and slicing of a variety of materials other than silicon and establishing relationships with new customers in Germany. Successful trials have been carried out in the cutting of glass, quartz, alumina and piezo-ceramics and some of these customer relationships have already been consolidated into regular contracting business during 2018. The customer base is expected to develop further during 2019 as companies complete their internal evaluations of the cutting trials and recognise the economic benefits of the improved yields delivered by wire sawing.

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